I'll admit it,  I listed to music that was way too loud in my semi-youthful years of the 1990's. As a result my hearing is only a notch or two above Pete Townsend's, so if I ask you "what's that question again" it's not because I wasn't interested, don't take offense.  And you won't take offense at the tunes picked out for this podcast... What's That Question Again?

Where Ya At Mule? - Dr. John,
Why Did You Go? - Billy Flynn,
What Makes You So Cold? - Lula Reed,
Hey, Ride With Me Awhile: What Cigarette Is Best? - Wilf Carter,
Where Can You Go? - Cowboy,
What Ever Happened to Romance? - Greezy Wheels,
Where Have All The Good Times Gone? (Kinks cover) Back to Back with David Bowie and The Teddy Boys,
Where Were You When I Needed You? - The Grass Roots,
Commercial Break ?
Where Were You When I Needed You ? - Al Kooper,
Why Did You Have To Desert Me? - Taj Mahal,
Where Are They Now? - Steve Fromholz,
Did You Get the Letter? - Euphoria,
Bear's Blues Break: When Did You Leave Heaven? - Big Bill Broonzy,
Where Did Our Love Go? (Supremes cover) - Gluebound,
Ono, It's A Beatle Break:  What Is Life? - Morse-Portnoy-George,
Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? - Chicago Transit Authority,
My Favorite Record: Why Did You Go Last Night? - John Mayall, 
Where Do We Go from Here? - Leon Russell, 
Did Somebody Make A Fool Out Of You? - Tony Joe White, 
What Am I Doing Hangin' Round/ - The Monkees.

By the way, I was able to slip in my three favorite artists of all time. Can you guess who?