The world is in chaos...
We need more heroes to get it straightened out!
Time to call "The Trickster," not that he can do much other than bring you these uplifting tunes! 

Theme For An American Hero - Chip Taylor, 
Heroes - David Bowie, 
All Those Heroes - John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers, 
Comic Book Hero - Wet Willie, 
Heroes - Steve Fromholz, 
Working Class Hero B2B with Marianne Faithful and David Bowie (in concert), 
Break:  Heroes - String Quartet, 
Hey, Ride with Me Awhile:  Honky Tonk Heroes - Billy Joe Shaver (in concert), 
Small Town Hero - Blaze Foley (in concert), 
Celluloid Heroes - The Kinks, 
My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys - Waylon Jennings, 
Heroes - Guy Clark, 
Time Loves A Hero - Little Feat
We hope you enjoy the podcast, while we straighten out the chaos!