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Sometimes you have an unquenchable thirst for something great, and here at Tricks we're the same. So this month we are serving up a great selection of songs about "drinking". Belly on up to the bar and lets see if we can't just fill your order!

This month we're serving:
01 Intro with Spike Jones
02 10,000 Beer Cans
03 Malt And Barley Blues
04 Beer Drinkin' Woman
05 Something Harder for Don
06 Let's Drink Some Whiskey
07 Whiskey Heaven
08 Whiskey and Gin Blues
09 Brown Liquor
10 Back 2 Back - Strawberry Wine part 1
11 Back to Back Break
12 Back 2 Back - Strawberry Wine part 2
13 A Bottle Of Wine
14 Sangria Wine
15 Blackberry Wine
16 Blues Wine
17 Champagne & Roses
18 Drinkin' Cheap Champagne
19 Champagne & Reefer
20 Champagne Mind (With A Soda Water Income)
21 More music with Mr. Peter Graves
22 Sloppy Drunk
23 Last Call For Alcohol
24 One More Drink
25 Signing off with Don Knotts
26 Cigarettes And Coffee
27 OuTRo - Our Monthly Tribute to Judy Garland

As far as who's singing, your guess is as good as mine, that's right, I've been drinking.