This week on Turned Out A Punk, Damian is joined by Nicky from one of his current favorite bands, Nothing. Listen as the two discuss the punk journey that led Nicky to form Nothing, and that took him to violence and prison.

Some of the other more pleasant subjects visited include: • Hoping the fence to get into the crazy Vice 20TH Party • Having a Post-Punk Mom • Being a lil’ skinhead • The amazingness of Punk Philadelphia • Smokin’ PCP in prison • Mike from Fucked Up being an OG OLC’s much hated “Faggario" • The brilliance of the Right Brigade demo • The undeniable greatness of No Warning • Getting “signed” to Deathwish before the Horror Show demo • The mod-effect • Drugzzzzzzzzzz • The “All Hell Breaking Loose” years of Philly • The drawback of getting mail in prison • Ozzfest: the darkest side of the brighter side of humanity • The naturalness of hard vocals • Dom A839 Records is the best • How did non-punk bands do it? • The frustration of getting a band together • Signing to Relapse • Pro-wrestling (again)