This time comes but once a year spreading joy and punk rock cheer! This year's wrap up episode for the holiday season is part two with the genius behind Matador Records: Gerard Cosloy! Join Damian as Gerard delights him with tales of Courneys, Kurts and GGs, as they talk about a time before a band named Nirvana would change everything.

Also touched on:

The second or third appearance on the show

Gerard moves to NY

living with Rob Zombie

The LESNYC… a scum rock paradise

Pussy Galore comes to town…

Sonic Youth

Some Records

New York Hardcore adjacent

A music fan’s music fan is the one one at the show

not being and being in the music industry at the same time: the worst of both worlds

The rise of the Pig Fuck scene

Forced Exposure, Ugly American, Away From the Pulse and the 90’s zine scene

The falling out with Dinosaur Jr

Big Dipper leaving for Epic

Bg Black leaves for Touch And Go

SST Records: The fall of the kings of the underground

If late era SST were release today on a limited edition boutique label

The power of Pavement


GG Allin and the All-Stars recording for ROIR

GG leaves it all on the stage

Signing GG and and other band decisions

GG is only one degree from John Lennon

The Frogs: more hated than GG

Courtney tagging your name

Nearly working with Nirvana

“Can we hear it first?”

The Fall gets offered the opening slot