The genius is in brevity and this week proves it! Join Damian as he sits down for a brief, but awesome chat with the Hold Steady’s Craig Finn. Listen in as the two discuss hanging’ with the Blind Approach Crew, putting out 45s and guitar lessons with greatness.

Also touched on:

Being on Skene and AmRep

The Rock ’80 Comp

Playing tennis with a friend of the Replacements

Going into the city

Orfolkjokeopus become Treehouse

going to see the Violent Femmes

Going to the “TIM” release show

Getting lessons from Chris… from the Suicide Commandos

“Make A Record”

Soul Asylum: a tale of two bands


Blind Approach: pre-Madball St. Paul spikey punk

Libido Boys: on stage with pogoballs

The GBH comes to town with the Cro-Mags and it changes everything

Craig’s first band No Pun Intended

Boston’s pit’s way more violent

Getting out of it and getting into AmRep

Halo Of Flies and Tom Hazelmyer

Drinking with Tom

Dillinger Four: one of the best bands ever

Buddy’s with Buddy from Assrash

Youth Of Today/ Misery / Blind Approach

Releasing your own record

AND MORE!!!!!!