What a week! Damian is currently on the road, but still manages to send in a great conversation with Toronto punk legend Al Nolan! Join in as Al talks about growing up in the east end of Toronto and the start of scene there that would produce some of Canada’s most important punk and metal bands.

Also touched on:

Knowing each other since Damian was a boy with hair

Seeing Sex Pistols on morning TV

Seeing Kiss before there was Star Wars

The importance of the New Music

Teenage Kicks Toronto’s Original teen punks

The Beatles are hard!

The Ska Revival

Shaun: the first punk in Pickering

Vans shoes comes to town

Metallica opening for WASP

Brian Taylor and AggRock

Meeting James Cavalluzzo of Malhavoc in art class

It’s not the band I hate it’s the man: Punk’s liking Ted Nudgent

Descendents: David Lynch-esq Weirdos

Shaving your head

The lead singer genes

Nigel cuts off his finger making an upside down cross


Best band name: Charlie Brown’s Wang

Lee Brian moves to town

Missing Link

The closing of the DMZ

Smoking hash in the BFG’s gasmask

The depreciation of Time

Glen and Dave’s Metallic Assault

Forming Elephant and becoming 5 Foot Nothing

Replaced by Matt White

Missing Link booking with All

7 Seconds, MSI, 5 Foot Nothing: the biggest show of the era

Degenerate Youth

Collecting shoes

Having to fire the guy you are replacing

The story of Epidemic Records

pre-Monster Voodoo Machine

Brampton’s Beyond

Montreal’s Rise