"I Know, I Know, I Know, IT'S OVER!" This week we've got JAMIE STEWART on the show! That's right, Jamie jumped on the TOAP Bat Phone to gab all about Punk, New Wave & everything outside & in-between. This one is seriously awesome & has tons of stuff squished into just over an hour! Stop What You're Doing & LISTEN TO THIS!

Also Touched On:

A Round About Way Into Punk

Punk Not Allowed In The House Due To A Lack Of Musical Objectiveness

But, There Was Some New Wave Allowed In

Missing Warped Tour Stuff Gratefully

Getting In A Band With PUNK LEGENDS For Your First Gigging Experience

Playing A Fretless Ibanez Bass In The Greatest Named Band Ever: BRUTUS ATE A TACO

Bebop Records

Seeing An Early Jane’s Addiction At A Record Store

Seeing David Bowie & Siouxsie & The Banshees

Going To Reggae Shows & Wearing A Tam

The Longest Running High School Band: One Gig A Year

Musician Wanted For A Band That Sounds Like Free Jazz Era Coltrane & NIN

Barry & The Rehearsal Studio

The Drum Club: The Most LA Music Industry Thing You Will Ever Hear

TECHNOPRIMAL: Electronic Drums, Alternative Tuned Bass & A Christian Rock Guitar Player

Live Nude Psychics: Misspelt

Getting Schooled By The Greats

Borrowing NoFX’s Amps

Josie Cotton & Geza X

Paul Roessler

A Forced On Stage Blues Jam Session With GG Allin

Seeing Babyland & Nearly Getting Smashed In The Face By A Flying Wrench

Recording Raggedy Anne (The Pre-Donnas Riot Grrrl Band On A Protools Proto-Type)