"Time Heals, Time Goes On & Time Really Flies." THIS WEEK WE HAVE MICHAEL IAN BLACK ON THE SHOW!!! Listen in as Damain & Michael discuss everything from City Gardens to 10,000 Maniacs to who was his most feared New York Hardcore band. This one goes even deeper than we could have expected, so kickback & get ready!!!

Also Touched On:

Growing Up In The Wilds Of Hillsborough, New Jersey

Reading The Candy Apple Grey Review

“Oh, They Sold Me A Bum Cassette” Why Would There Be Static On A Tape?

Liking Pop & MTV

There Must Be More Than Wham! & Duran Duran Out There.

"Candy Apple Grey Was My Sgt. Peppers"

Going to Princeton Record Exchange To Find Things That Scared, Shocked & Were Funny.

10,000 Manics Is Way Too Nutty Of A Band Name For A Tame Band

Princeton Record Exchange Employees

Forming A Band With Tim Shaw (Ensign) "The Pleased"

Fear Of Sick Of It All

Mosh & Die

Violence In The Scene

Going To City Gardens

A Whirlwind Of Change

Hating Metal

An Intense Discussion On The Effect Of GNR & Jane’s Addiction

Sounding Like A Bunch Of Suburbanite 16 Year Old Hardcore Kids

Getting The Growl

Playing CBGBs

Joining The State

Kari Kenney’s Cake Like

The Music Scene In New York

Going To Shows By Yourself

& Much, Much More….