First is the worst & second is the BEST, cause on this week's episode it's all about #2… Chris No. 2, aka Anti-Flag’s Chris Barker! Listen in as Chris & Damian discuss Chris’ journey from Anti-Flag superfan to actual member of the band & how that was just the beginning of the journey. DON'T MISS THIS!

Also Touched On:

Damian Forces Chris To Talk Wrestling

Eric Young Is A Secret Punk?!?!… Damian's Mind Is Blown

Robbie Brookside Mention!!!

Getting A Tape From The Man That Left Your Cousin At The Alter That Changes Your Mind


Bad Religion

An Uncle With A Guitar & A Love For Elvis

Getting Die For the Government From A Kid At School

Ads For Zines During Shows

Getting The Hook From Ian MacKaye

God Squad + Pressgang + Aus Rotten + Andy Flag = Human Investment

Pleasure Heads

Coming Home With The Plan To Join Anti-Flag

Stay Away From 16-Year Old Chris With The Box Wine

The Unseen

Touring New Kind Of Army… To No One Sometimes

Pete From The Bouncing Souls Passes The Record To Fat Mike

“Fuck California, Fuck the Bro-Network”

Humbling Fat Mike


Plow United

I-Farm Hooks Up Go-Kart

Paying For The Menzingers Album… Without Knowing

OBS Covers “Drink, Drank, Punk”

Justin Nearly Dies From Carbon 

Touring With Rage Against The Machine

Zach Picks At The Drive-In, Tom Picks Anti-Flag

 Thinking Your Life Is Set

“Selling Out” To Avoid Getting Ripped Off

Not Fitting In On Fat At First

Strung Out, Good Riddance & No Use for A Name

Rise Against & Against Me! Change The Label