Here's Johnny!!! This week on the show Damian is joined by one of the greatest guitarists in the history of British Rock & Roll: JOHNNY MARR!!! Johnny has an amazing new album, “Call The Comet” & has played in some of the most LEGENDARY bands ever but, as is par for the course with this show, the two spent most of the time talking about a band that only ever released one song on a compilation. CHECK THIS ONE OUT & don't forget THE TOAP PATREON! 

👨‍🎨: Gray Abraham

Also Touched On:

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Going to see Slaughter & The Dogs at age 12

Stooges, The Dolls & Dr Feelgood

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The first single

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The GODLY Sister Ray!

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A drummer with dreads in South Manchester in the late 70’s

In a band with adults at age 14

Steven & Isaac got nothing on Clive.

Clive says “If you are a intros band, you are going to need this…”

Pete Shelley: the true radical for the time

The differences between the london punks & the punks around the country that took up the flag

The importance of Jon Savage’s book

The importance of Magazine 


The Suffragette City is the template for punk 

The Robert Alman Punk Salon

The White Dice

Paris Valentino’s riff becomes Handsome Devils

The Only Ones are gods!

“Peter Perret is my Sid Barrett”

Seeing Nick Lowe from the knees down

The FBeat audition