Years in the making & two attempts at recording have been worth it!!! The King of the Mountain, G.O.A.T. John Darinelle is on the show this week! Listen along as John & Damian discuss going from getting messed with by members of Bad Religion & Christian Death, to finally understanding why Nick Cave would hate the bathroom being in the front of the club, but don't worry, there is lots of Ajax Records talk for all you teeny boppers out there! The Mountain Goats have an AWESOME new record out on MERGE called “In League With Dragons” Check it out now!!!!!

Also Touched On:

Some awesome music talk

seen it in the LA times

Mom ordered Never Mind The Bollocks to the library 

When DIY came to punk

Early college rock

The Normal


Being scared of punk

Jay from Bad Religion and Rozz from Christian Death trying to mess with you in the neighbourhood 

The bully that chases you toward guitar, literally

Charlie Chase and the Folk Music centre 

Running into your tormentors at Buttonhole Surfers shows

“Finding someone that like The Velvet Underground was like a Wizard!”

Man Is The Bastard on streaming services

The Extra Glens

Mighty Joe Young

AntiSeen, Eyehategod and Obsessed

Being a parent and trying to leave the house for a show

Nick Cave just trying to use the bathroom

Doing security for Fugazi

Ian MacKaye makes a nice cup of tea

Peter and Ajax Records

“I can have an advance?!?”