Some 23 years ago a much younger Damian met Dan Panic at a show in Toronto & the positive impact on was immense. Now, two plus decades later, Damian gets to sit down & thank Dan the only way he knows how: by punishing him with questions about his musical past! Join D & D as they sit down to discuss playing drums in some of the most iconic pop punk bands. 

Also Touched On:
Damian meets Dan and it sets a standard
Blondie as a gateway
The Feds’ (pre-Smashing Pumpkins/ pre-Poster Children) fake tour booklet
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Weedeater (pre Charles Bronson) and the new scene in the Western Suburbs
The evolution of the Chicago scene
The Los Crudos Screeching Weasel Connection
An apology to Cedric
The Riverdales VS Weasel
Tony Molina RULES
Listening to Mars Volta
Playing with At The Drive-In 
Joe does not like weed smoke from future rock gods
Playing with Sons Of Ishmael 
Opening for the first “last” Screeching Weasel show
The influence of Ringo
The nuns forcing you to write with your right hand
Melody over everything
The funny side of Born Against
Quitting music for five years
Touring with Pansy Division