Because the world demanded it, Damian welcomes back to the show one of his all time favourite lyricists & TOAP Guests: PROPAGANDHI’S CHRIS HANNAH!!!
Get pumped for a pretty bleak discussion! The two reflect on the current state of things, where/when it all started to get much darker & of course, some punk rock talk too!
Also Touched On: 
The Prophecy Foretold: Chris Hannah Was Right! 
The record flopped: YAY!
“Fuck these jokers!”
Traveling with a mini-mall
Greenroom as a bio-pic
The punk and politics
G-7 Records falls apart
Consolidated rule 
Hearing Randy for the first time
Todd and Chris go crazy while record Today’s Empires
Wanting to be more Los Crudos, Dropdead and Born Against
Fuck The Border with a rap part as an I Spy song
Jord: the voice of reason
Trying to make everything sound like a sped up cassette tape.
The terrifying prophecy of Propagandhi lyrics
the moment we could have saved the world
9/11 changes everything
You don’t own your cellphone 
Falling-out with Fat Mike
Changing views on Punk Voter