This week on the show Dennis Lyxzén from Refused talks Swedish punk & so much more with Damian. DON’T MISS IT!

Also Touched On:

The continuation of 2001 Quick Fanzine interview
Exploited shows up out of nowhere in your record collection
being into NY hardcore when everyone else in UK 77
87 the dead time for punk between the booms
Puszone in Thrasher
“You get it home and it’s mucky pup”
Taller punk
The Join
let’s gather all the freaks in one place
let’s build a scene
isolation and boredom builds the biggest hardcore scene in the world
no sick of it all show in Umea
Doctor and The Crippens 
Were you at the Shelter show?
Step Forward: no one is going like this so let’s just go nuts
be the guys that goes off
Refused: “We knew the potential”
The curse of recording LPs
Meshaggah sounding like Anthrax playing to 4t people
Skate punk made
Asta Kasta the link between scenes
David's death metal influence on Refused
the regions of music
learning about Empire and the Ruts from the gods of DC
This is kinda cool but super sloppy
becoming friends with manny from Race Traitor
Peaking too early
Final Exit
The Path Of Resistance connection

& MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!