This week on the show Damian reconnects with the godly Kevin Morby! Sit in as the two discuss the pivotal roll punk played in his musical development & the glory days that were the late 2000's Brooklyn DIY scene. 
NOT TO BE MISSED & Check out Kevin's latest album, "Oh My God", on Dead Oceans. 

Also Touched On:

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Matt Skiba joining Blink 182 and a 6 grade dream comes true
Nirvana not being your gateway band
And thus begins: “The Reality Era” of MTV
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No Music in the house
No punks in the suburbs of Kansas City
Dropping out of school
Moving to New York
Going to be a opening scene from Law And Order
the 3rd wave of The BK Indie boom
the Vivian Girls!!!
The greatness of Cause Co-Motion: the Jonathan Fire Eater of the 3rd Wave NY 2000'S DIY