It's (Supposed to be) ManiaWeek! In celebration of what is usually the biggest week in wrestling, we will be releasing three episodes highlighting the most powerful force in the world: The Punk/Wrestling Connection! On this episode, Damian gets to sit down with one of the most dynamic personalities in independent wrestling: Effy! Listen in as the two discuss going from sneaking secular music into the house, to helping revolutionize pro-wrestling. Also, Effy teaches Damian about the Christian Gwar! 

Also Touched On:

Meeting 2 and a half years ago in Florida
Growing up in a religious household
Sneaking secular CDs from the library
Grandson of a Grammy Award winner
Raised by the kids of preachers
Sending dad out t get the System Of The Down CD and him thinking he is bring Satan into the house. 
The computer generation’s parents had no clue what we were up to?
“Hey, this is not it. Is ti?” straying from the flock in youth group.
Going to see the Christian Carmen
Going Atlanta for a show with mom
getting wrecked at the Warped Tour
Getting sober and stopping music
Church arena tours

Grave Robber: the Christian Gwar

Wrestling is for everybody