On the latest episode, we're keeping the Scared Straight energy going as Damian sits down with Ten Foot Pole frontperson, DENNIS JAGARD! Listen in as the two have a revealing conversation about the risk that comes with pursuing your dream. Topics  ranging from: cleaning up after the Cramps to fighting nazi's at the Gilman, to ignoring Prince's career advice & other goodness are all covered. 

Not to be missed!

Also Touched On:

“Big fan”
Dennis’ dog and workout partner
Dad trying to take the stage from under Black Flag
Missing Minor Threat by a week
Brian Walsby bringing over records
Mike Thompson: the original singer of Scared Straight
The Cramp’s Show Aftermath: Cow Tongues and 7”s 
breaking up in Pittsburgh 
Invest in your art and the risks involved 
Not taking Prince’s career advice
“Punishing” Jimmy Eat World fans and them not loving his shoes
Switchblade held to the throat 
Touring Texas with NoFX during their worst line up
Slamming for cardio for Ill Repute 
Fighting Skinheads at the Gilman
The Longest Line and the great leap forward