PYLON WEEK CONTINUES!! On this episode Damian gets to sit down & talk with one of his favourite vocalists ever: VANESSA BRISCOE HAY! Listen in as the two talk about her journey into punk & fronting the legendary Pylon. From meeting the Ramones to changing the landscape of Athens through music, THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED! Also, don't miss the awesome new Pylon Boxset out now on New West Records!

Also Touched On:

The ’76-77 dividing line in music
Roxy Music as a precursor to punk
The impact of the Sex Pistols’ show on the Athens scene
.38 Special opening for the Ramones
The B-52s and “New Music”
Almost meeting Anne Wilson from Heart 
“Our” music
Robert Croker directing The Fans with playing cards
Skinny tie bands
Blondie, The Kinks and some metal band
Everyone is scared of the Restraints
“Its the newest dance! It’s called the West Coast Shove”
The Shag and the North Carolina Surf Music scene
Figuring out DIY touring 
“Parties at our house!”
Pylon as healing music
Georgia hospitality in LA
Screaming to be heard
Gang Of Four, Pylon and Mission To Burma
The negative space left in the music



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