REJOICE! In a rare Part 2, FAT TONY makes his mighty return to the show! Tony made one of Damian's favourite records of last year & it has been a while since they last spoke. Listen in as they catch up & talk: the process of writing his fantastic "Exotica" album, working with Bun B, Tony's favourite TOAP episodes & so much more! NOT TO BE MISSED! Also, don't miss "Exotica" out now on Carpark Records!

Also Touched On:

Liking ALL types of punk 
discovering music independently: free from anyones else’s baggage
Like Pop Punk and Hardcore and Houston Rap and Bay Area Rap
at least you could turn off the message board
getting back into music during quarantine 
Research, details and collaboration: a new approach 
The Gamble of making music
The honesty of writing as a character
Writing a record to be consumed as an album
working with Bun B
reaching back
YouTube comments as music history
Loving punk but never wanting to make it because it isn’t your true sound
Thing the Ergs to a Houston rap party
Getting into Ska Punk History

Favorite TOAP moments