Boy is this one ever jam packed! Get comfortable as Damian goes deep with record collector icon Ben Blackwell. In addition to collecting records Ben also plays drums in the Dirtbombs and helps run the fantastical Thirdman Records!

Among some of the other topics touched upon:
-Ben Blackwell: Record collector’s Record Collector -Nickelodeon Top 10: Gateway to Punk -Nirvana -Car City Records: A treasure trove -Labels building scenes -Tremor Records -Foo Fighters at the State Theatre -To buy the Vaselines or That Dog CD? -Kore Krew: the unreleased waiting for 10 years for Stephen McDonald -Dale Crover: THE COOLEST -Lost Sounds -The Melvins almost having two drummers in the 90s… with Dave Grohl -Getting into “Bootlegs” in the 90’s -Desirable Discs in Dearborn Michigan
-Buying “Sliver” as the first piece in the collection -Fastbacks and Eric’s Trip the hidden amazing gems in Sub Pop singles out put. -Getting the wrong Julia Dorian -Our Lady Peace: Huge in Detroit -Dragging Uncle Jack (White) to the Foo Fighters show -Hangin’ and being schooled on Detroit Music at the shop upholstery shop -Thinking Evil Doers Beware must be a Platinum Record. -Not getting swept up in the Michigan Ska punk explosion -The music history of your neighborhood -Detroit’s DIY music history -Bad music tells the story -Becoming the White Stripes Archivist by being handed things -Playing drums in Two Star Tabernacle opening for Jeff Tweedy for a first show -Getting into The Dirtbombs by the power of record collector knowledge -Joining Lost Kids -Making records fun again -Being unable to get a flexi made because of a country making a stamp? -The most expensive record ever sold -Crime and music connections -Jimmy Hoffa’s Record Label -Process Church/Parliament Funkadellic/Damian’s Dad Connection -Integrity

AND MORE ?!?!?!?!