Hello dear listener! This week on the show Damian sits down with Brian Gorsegner from the Night Birds! Listen in as the two talk going from Team Street Punk to NJ hardcore. Brain and Damian make the most of the limited time. This week it is a jammed packed episode! AND ROBOT OF ALL ROBOTS IS BACK!!!!!!!! Also covered: -Owning your own mic. -The terror of lending gear. -“Just a loser not good at anything.” -Kids are ASSHOLES: The terrors of high school. -Back to the Flea Market. -The Punk Carlsberg Years: the late era of the Ramones and Black Flag. -“Can we call ourselves Punk now?” -Compact Disc and Tape Center. -Meeting the punks! -Squigtones Records. -The privilege of getting into punk at the cusp of internet. -Nearly getting beaten up by the first band you ever saw for being straight-edge -A drunk friends dad -Not being allowed to go see the last for the last time Ramones -People only caring when something is “dying” -CBGBs WAS THE BEST!!!! -Dropkick Murphys -The New Jersey Springsteen Burden -Friday night Frenzy with Michelle Amibeal (?) -Having to hustle for shit -People loving swing in the late 90’s -South Jersey…. -What is the best Mutha Records release? -Shrapnel the pre-mister magnet -The rad Diane Farris and the amazing Children In Adult Jails -“My record is selling for $600, time to do a reunion!” -“Mom, if you like Dropkick Murphy’s you gotta check the rest of the Headache Records discography!” -Survivors touring. -90’s scams -Ari from Lifetime’s record store -Forward to Death and Splitting Headache -The awesomeness of Tear It Up -No Justice -Striking Distance -Atari -Ensign -“We’re taking about Mouthpiece, fuck off!” -BRING US RECORDS!!!!! -Working with Fat -AND MORE!!!!