This is it… The one Damian has hoped and prayed would happen. Robbie Brookside, one of the most respected wrestlers on the planet, turns out to be one of the most down punks on earth.

Also touched on: -“A Punk’s Punk” something off the second Oi Album. -Bringing Sami Zayn to other punk realms. -Punk opening up worlds. -Liverpool in the 70’s: not pretty. -Seeing the Clash at Eric’s at age 12 and being terrified. -Big In Japan. -Pete Burns “Hardest man in Liverpool” -Seeing punk and wrestling for the first time: 1978 was a great year. -Joy Division. -“You listening to that stuff?!? You can’t understand the words!” -DJing Pirate Radio. -Indie becomes a genre and sucks. -Major labels give up and punk starts. -“I dare you to go into Probe!” Records. -Fanzines. -Sounds. -Playing “Reality Asylum”. -Discharge may have sounded like a nuclear war but the Scallies still beat the shit out of them. -The Cockney Rejects and West Ham versus Liverpool. -Following Crucifix around England. -Peck meets Worzel Gummidge -Go back Bolton Metal Duck! -“That’s what you get for trying to get a first press”. -Glasgow comes to Blackpool: Having to fight for your life at 16. -Beat The System Records. -Axtion Records. -The Membranes. -Punk: a network of friends. -Boston Tea Party Records. -BGK. -Enola Gay. -Electric Deads. -Going to see the Dropkick Murphy’s with Sami Zayn. -Liverpool Vs Everton: Pretty real. -“The little Prodidog” -The importance collecting demo tapes. -Terminal Records. -Xcentric Noise and Tapes. -Listening to Man Is The Bastard for the first time? -Robby’s list of bands that should have made it. -When your mom throws out your Zines. -Subscribing to MRR. -Hating metal until Metallica in ’85. -A match with Fit Finley and a mosh pit at the Voorhees show wrecking the knees. -Going to see the Bad Brains. -Being ghosted by a member of Flock Of Seagulls. -Foxy from SSS being in the Video Diaries. -Hating being in WCW -Getting to be in the Wrestling think tank at the WWE Performance Centre