You can’t pick your punk scene. For Damian's guest this week on the show Jonah Bayer, this meant joining up at age 15 with the one of 90’s Hardcore's most infamous groups: THE OLC Hear how Jonah grew out of that scene and became a writer and guitarist in United Nations and the role Clevo Hardcore has had in his life. Also covered -Samiam -The popularity of Moist in America -Millencolin, Good Riddance and Down By Law -Hi Standard headlined that festival -Beatnik Termites. -Straight Edge -Catharsis Stage Banter record: “We should bomb a bank!” -Apartment 213 lyrics and the 90s -“I don’t know how it happened but I started hanging out a tanning salon…” Enter the OLC -The Cleveland Handshake: “I gave them the money and then they kicked me out of the band” -Going to see Ignite: Riding in Cars with Large Men -Being Committed! -Getting the kids to sing along -Grudgematch -The unrecorded greatness of Do Respect with a cartwheeling bass player -Taking Nate Jochum to his first show…. MxPx -The One Life Crew riot. -“…ON AOL!!!!” -Who was friends and who hated each other. -Regression Fanzine -Muddle Fanzine -Discount -Not staying in touch with the past -The irony of the American Pride Guys riding Japanese motorcycles -AND MORE!!!!!!!