This week on Turned Out A Punk, Damian sits down with one of his musical heroes: Cleveland hardcore legend Tony Erba!!!! Listen as Damian nerds out on Tony’s bands: Face Value, h100s, 9 Shocks Terror, Gordon Solie, and Mother Fuckers… Check out Tony's new band, Fuck You Pay Me! WARNING: MAY OFFEND SOME LISTENERS.

Also touched on: - Being 11 years old and having his mind blown by AC/DC - The gateway of Ripper fanzine - The Dead Kennedys: the bringers of hardcore (again) - St. Valentines Records - The importance of the The Guns - LECK: The dumbest band that spawned a huge chunk of Cleveland - The PR genius of Dwid - Confront, and the dark side of straight edge - Integrity - "Never trust a hippie or a Juggalo" - The incomprehensible live insanity of the h100s - Getting run out of New Jersey - "The h100s with a different singer" - Damian geeking out about records - The greatness of Devour Records…. but not so much to be the label - The improvements made to the DIY infrastructure since the 90's. - PRO-WRESTLING TALK WITH THE KING OF WRESTLING HARDCORE!!!!!!! -Tons More!!!!!