This week on the show Damian is joined by one of the BEST people in music (in Damian’s opinion), Sebastian Granger. Listen in as Damian digs deep with one of his good friends, who also may have started the whole: "Cool Canada” thing. Also talked about -A wink from some punks on street -Dressing like a punk on New Years -“Hardcore is lifestyle, punk is fashion” - Everett True -Meeting the Mason: setting up a show -A natural curiosity -Stones, Kinks, and the Who > Beatles: Dad’s a Mod -Quadrophenia -Breaking down the realness about drugs to a grade 11 class -Sting -The Spaghetti Incident -“This is a song that U2 stole from Charles Manson” -Chuck Berry -“When you look in the window of a child’s bedroom” -Ska From Above1979 -Planet Smashers: good time music -Actually a bottle of “November rain”: The greatest teenage GnR cover EVER -The band that never broke up -“I’m a huge fan of Sunny Day Real Estate” meeting Nate -The dude that burped really loudly in a campers face and made him puke -Daniel Lanois: “The shlep, eh? It never ends.” -Supernova: where the shlep begins -The other Pezz: pre-Billy Talent -Moving to Montreal -Playing in the weird Montreal Jam band with trust fund dudes -“Whatever isn’t good enough" -Jesse recruiting for band members/housemates -Jesse’s scene building chops -The physical pain caused by playing drums -The nuances the separated Blow Up and Mod Club -A Pro-Wrestler telling -Not knowing dbs: the sacrilege -Sex work, porn and punk -Vice -Touring with Alexisonfire -Andrew Scott: unsung hero of Billy Talent -Going for it vs. Self-indulgence -“Can you open for Anthrax tonight, like now?” -Not fitting in, in the rock world -Sparks and all the drama it brings -AND MORE!!!!