Better late than never! This week on Turned Out A Punk; Damian is joined by legendary DIY Hardcore vocalist Dave Ackerman. The two sit down and break all the duration records on this podcast as they chat Dead Nation, Tear It Up’s influence on Fucked Up, and Anne Hathaway’s connection to the Growing Stronger compilation. Also touched on: -Ruination -Booking shows to give your band the best slot -Playing with Haymaker Riot 99 -Crossing the boarder -Getting into it through metal -No divisions in metal -Hearing bad Celtic Frost first: “Why does Slayer wear their shirts?” -The pay-to-play circuit -Obituary, Agnostic Front, Ripping Corpse, Cannibal Corpse -North New Jersey venue options: Obsession or Rusty Nail -Not going to see the Business in New York -Being a little bit more Blank 77 than 25 Ta Life -Picking the wrong show and missing the h100s -The Fat Nuts and NJ Uprise near connection -Booking shows for H20, Floorpunch, etc. -A controversial opinion about Coney Island -Anne Hathaway(secret ska)’s brother in ads for the Growing Stronger Comp -Ian Dickson and Jon Collins’ zine 132 -Working at TDT: THE haberdasher of hardcore -Being denied a Final Mosh shirt because of hanging out with Molnar post-edgebreak The other Uprise -Sketchy Oi -An amazing weekend of shows! -From the crust Foundation to Dead Nation -Getting the shout out from Redemption 87: “to the GBH looking kid!” -Devoid Of Faith -The downs of the people from International Noise Conspiracy -KIDS TODAY! -“In a post-American Hardcore…” -Ant from Down In Flames breaking up the band so he could enjoy senior year. -Victim of the last No Justice show -The Tragedy 1st LP is a perfect hardcore record -What Happens Next is HUGE in Europe -The ascent of Tear It Up -and more!?!?!?