Who says The Ugly can’t be pretty? This week on the show Damian gets to sit down and chat with one of his favorite people on Earth; Southern Ontario punk legend Greg Dick. Sit back and enjoy as Greg talks about the dawn of punk in the Hamilton and the early days of the Toronto scene. Also covered:

-The kids looking forward to this -Being drawn to offensive stuff -Meeting Teenage Head -The East/West Hamilton divide -Florida Razors: pre Junkhouse -Rush being too hetero -Getting into Roxy Music and the world opening up -Star Records from Hamilton -Wheel Base DOES NOT want you to buy King Crimson and the Stooges together -The Art Rock Divide -The Dishes and The Government -Intimidation by the Ugly style -Mike Nightmare looking out for you -Seeing Teenage Head play a high school -The Loudmouths -Slander: obscure Canadian greatness -North Shore Records: Cashing in on the New Wave -The original three piece Forgotten Rebels: “true evil” -Violence at the Turning Point -The dangers of playing with offensive imagery -Crazy Harree: pretty out there -The Dead Boys’ Anti-Spitting Beat down Squad -Toronto 1st wave: wilder than New York -The Heartbreakers one of the world’s greatest Rock bands -When Johnny Thunders says dope he doesn't mean weed! -Phil Lynott vs Mike Nightmare -Early Ugly: SLUDGE! -Nardwuar Toronto Punk Tour -Forming the Dream Dates -Hair Force: THE hangout