IT IS A REAL DEAL PART 2!!!! This week Damian is joined by a returning Davey Havok for a lovely after dinner chat! Join the two friends as they continue their discussion of punk and music. As touched on:

-Punk and the NME -Not relating to peers -Seeing outside the punk bubble and being scared -Q: Sex Pistols or The Clash A: Sisters of Mercey -Christian Death pre-death rock -Devo -B-52’a -The Cramps as inspiration for AFI -The origins of “I Want A Mohawk” -Getting sick of a song -Fans picking a hit -The point of being unable to write people back -Dealing with obsessed fans -People’s interpretation of you -More grateful for the impact today -The awesomeness of BrokenCyde -The singularity of now -The last major rock band -Davey’s party hang -You know you are grounded when you still carry your own Marc Jacobs bags -Going to Canada’s Wonderland -Lots of Cure talk! AND MORE!!!!!!