It may not be a long episode but it is packed with awesome! Damian sits down with his friend and indie royalty Cassie Ramone to talk Weezer in NJ, The Killed By Ridgewood High lp and bad bands being good for the scene.. Also touched on:

The hot guy with the Op Ivy shirt and NoFX at Camp

NoFX CDs at Hot Topis

Lovin’ the soft rock till you found out it wasn’t cool

Losing your Baby-backpack in the moshpit for No Doubt


On the Kung Fu Records Street Name

“Even the Skaband was good”: The Real Estate’s Ska past (again)

The popularity of Weezer in suburban NJ high schools

K Record

The Carpenters are awesome!

Paul Williams runs my union

Killed By Ridgewood

Matt and Kim got big!

The bliss of the DIY boom of the early-mid-2000’s Brooklyn

The better the bands, the worse the scene

Bossy breaks up

Vivian Girls were born

The hype

Touring with Punkinpie