“The type of guest a podcast like this was invented for,” few other people earn that distinction more than Steve McBean. Before he scaled the Black Mountain to get to those Pink Mountaintops he was hangin'’ in the Jerk Ward. Hear about how Steve went from prototypical Hardcore kid to punk rock adult! Also touched on:

Punk in Mclean’s

Going to Victoria

Punk Records at the PNE

Move Out West Young Pre-Teen

Hearing the Neo’s for the first time and it changing your world

forming Jerk Ward

Discovering Tim Crow’s Youth Plague Zine

Stalking the Neo’s

Going to the “Sweatbox”

Ordering the Deep Wound 7”

International Hardcore

The proto-hardcore kids

Doing Verbals Assault zine

America’s Hardcore

One man’s trash is Damian’s Holy Grail

Dino Jr.: “Hey, these guys are ex-Deep Wound?”

Meeting a member of Anti-Cimex at show in the present day.

Hearing Negative Approach for the first time

Missing Black Flag for the first time due age Seeing Nig Heist

Seeing the Accused BEFORE Blaine!

The BYO Canadian Connection

Joining Red Tide

Sludge Confrontations

LPs at the post office

Jerk Ward becomes Mission To Christ

“That’s Not Jerk Ward!”

Mission To Christ: nearly signs to Alchemy

Imagine getting $500 a night

“Uh, I’m 14”

Being excited for the stylistic shifts of bands


Obliterations: “Can we just start a punk band?”

Knowing how to do it now

Pink Mountaintops and Discharge