This week on the show we have: a comedian, a late night host, an actor and, at one point, one of the early Glasgow punk scene’s most prolific drummers. Join Damian as he sits down with Craig Ferguson to discuss finding “wholesome” punk at a time of rotten culture, getting an ominous warning from Nico, his great run of punk bands and tons more! Also covered: The last interview Craig will ever do?

Getting into Glam

Is that a few cup: Hearing the Damned for the first time

Music that felt like a fight

Steve Jones not believing that you saw them

Taking the bus with a Peter Capaldi… and a dead guy

Seeing the Clash, Sex Pistols, the Damned, Siouxsie and Banshees

Marijuana is a hippy drug. So it’s speed, glue and booze.

The cultural shift in England that was punk.

Scotland looks better today

Punk was the most wholesome and honest form of entertainment to emerge out of England in

getting “Punk’d Up”

Having to pick a side

hating the fantasy of music

Not being the biggest Keith Moon fan.

Queen: the best players but “still shit”

Seeing Hawkwind at the age of 13

Drum influence: hating the band but loving the drummers

Seeing Johnny and Self Abusers (pre-Simple Minds)

Just getting into Zeppelin

Seeing the Stranglers

the amazing Scottish scene

the Rock Garden: Scotland’s Whiskey-A-Go-Go

Joining the Dream Boys with Peter Capaldi

Exposure: Craig as Adam Eternal

Dressed up like a priest for a recording

Getting into Comedy with Peter inbetween bands

“It’s the DNA of everything”

Liking the first half of Stop Making Sense

Quitting late night

Ana Hausen: the session that ended the gig

the rise of English post-punk Alternative comedy.

Comedy: no lugging drums, no cleaning up and no band members

Drummers and Punk: the amazing connection

Drummers need to shut the fuck up

Working the door at the world famous Save The Robots in NY

Drumming for Nico

“You remind me of Iggy. You will die soon.”

Iggy: the last one standing

Knocking out a heckler: Violence and comedy don’t mix

Getting drunk with the Clash

Lars from Rancid: Therapist to those that got famous after being into punk

and TONS MORE!!!!!