Whether it’s IRL or in video game form, many people grew up wanting to be this guest. This week on Turned Out A Punk, Damian is joined by Skateboarding legend Geoff Rowley. Join the two as they discuss, not only how punk affected Geoff’s career but how skateboarding as a whole was influenced by the genre. Also covered:

Loving football

Seeing the punks with the Skateboards

Probe Records: a subcultural outpost

the smell of punk

skate a deck with no griptape with mismatched backwards trucks

the little kid with with older punks

The “art” of skateboard art

music in skate videos

The reverberations of punk in youth culture

seeing punk on tv and the streets

Too young to get in “The Planet”

going to Fugazi

Skating over shows

Robbie Reed from Jailcell Recipes

getting crapped on by the older Straight Edge Skaters

The origins of skating in Liverpool

“Why would they make a park out of that?!?”

Liverpool: a city of diverse skating and music influences

Liverpool: a city of punk skateboarders

Liverpool: a city of the old skaters

Liverpool: a city of immense civic pride

Seeing the skate video Savannah Slamma for the first time

seeing tricks for the first time

Mofo from Thasher

Falling in love with Motorhead Meeting Lemmy and talking Beatles

Being The Beatles in 60’s Liverpool

Getting into Lungfish

The influence of Ed Templeton

Searching for a new genre

the effects of music listening on skatevideos

Black Mountain and the Skate