What once was lost now is found! This week on the show, one of the very first Turned Out A Punks ever recorded!!! Now you can finally hear Damian (In a state of caffeine soaked exhaustion) sit down with one of the raddest people on the planet:Lance Bangs! Recorded way back in 2014, it was sealed in a vault once Damian heard how out there he sounded, but it is an episode too good to meet that fate! Also covered:

Growing up an army brat

Damian’s horrible memory laps

Punk on morning shows

Patti Smith as an elementary school teachers

“What is happening?” Seeing Debbie Harry on the Muppet Show

Clash or the Sex Pistols

The music culture on the Army base

Pink Floyd the final cut

Hating “adult culture”

Moving up to New Jersey

The awesomeness of City Gardens

Film as survival

The curse of Bon Jon Jovi in NJ

Cinema of Transgression

Moving to Athens

Learning under James Herbert

Porn Orchard

The Elephant Six Collective

Touring with Pavement

Five Eight

Documenting bands for no other reason then you feel you should

The Importance of Nirvana

Wanting the alternative boom to happen

Hating Pearl Jam

Ian MacKaye lecturing you about working for the Smashing Pumpkins

On tour with Mercury Rev

listening to Team Drench in the Jackass van


Explaining Odd Future to Ian