Episode 420:
Today on T.O.A.P., it’s the notorious C.H.O.! That’s right, comedy legend Margaret Cho comes to the show to talk about punk! Listen in as Margaret and Damian sit down and chat about the journey from Rock Against Reagan shows to discussing film with John Woo and Chow Yun Fat. Foiling a theft of GG Allin art, the witchy powers of the McDonald Bros, Answer Me! being the gift that keeps on giving and so much other goodness: THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!

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Also touched on:
Going to the Rock Against Reagan 

Barrington Hall

Self-harming as art

Maybe missing the GG show is a good thing?

Foiling a robbery at the Museum of Death

David Cross: King Of Punk

Steven and Jeff McDonald are powerful witches

Paula from Frightwig working at the family bookstore

Are Penn and Teller the Residents?!?

Shit in the pit: The Farm

Almost dying in the mosh for Pulp’s Common People 

Being in the White Trash Debutants 

Working with John Woo

Face Off

The secret union of Degrassi Jr. High fanatics 

English Kitchen Sink drama

Answer Me! and Tarantino 


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