Episode 63:
“Can I get more punk in the monitors, please?” Because this week on Turned Out A Punk, Damian welcomes hardcore legend Scott Vogel to the show. Listen as the two discuss Scott's journey from Slugfest to Fadeaway to Cinderblock to Despair to Buried Alive to Terror and what has made him such an integral part of the punk landscape. Also covered: -Being old -Buffalo Legend -The blended family gateway -What if Scott Vogel was a drunk jock? -Scott’s brother -Seeing the Forgotten Rebels -Goo Goo Dolls: Buffalo Punk -Buffalo The Quakes -Seeing Jello Biafra spoken word with the Butthole Surfers -Seeing Minor Threat practicing in Another State of Mind and having it blow your mind. -First hardcore show: DRI, Gang Green, Holy Terror and the Goo Goo Dolls at the Turtle -Seeing Zero Tolerance for the first time at the River Rock and it was game over for everything else -The twin passions of rap and hardcore -Going to Home Of The Hits in Buffalo and buying four of the first Rev 7” -“We became Hardcore kids, 1000%” -Inspired to sing by Solid State: pre-Snapcase -Watchmen -No Joke -Always being “Scott Slugfest” to Chris Colohan -Slugfest go line-up: Two little kids and two grown-ass men. -Covering “God Of Thunder” with your bass player, “Fuck-Em”, dressed as Gene Simmons. -Slugfest goes artist on Initial Records -The end of Slugfest -Hamilton and Structure Records -Cinderblock -The House For Zack -Conviction: “One of the most underrated hardcore bands ever.” -Lost Cause: Scott demo-only first punk band -The awesomeness of Against All Hope -Fadeaway -Discontent -The second unrecorded Slugfest 7” -Where did the two singer hardcore band idea come from? -The sketchy start of Despair -AND WAY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!