A Fine Happy St. Patties Day to ya my friends.

And on a fine day such as this, what is best to do while knocking back a mug of your favorite green beverage? Thats right, listen to a podcast about John Byrne! And while there are not a lot of John Byrne stories about little men in green, there are several stories about a really big guy in orange fur.

What does that have to do with St. Patties Day? NOTHING!

But seeing as we have many fans of Alpha Flight, we just didnt think we could wait any longer in getting some Alpha Flight under our belt, podcast-wise.

So 3rd Degree Byrne will be covering the EPIC battle between Sasquatch and The Super Skrull! Waitaminnute, there is a Green Guy after all. Who knew?

Anyway, sit back, pull up some green beer and enjoy as 3rdDegree Byrne covers Alpha Flight #10.

All this and a back-up story too.

The Byrne-Outs also discuss upcoming news in the world of John Byrne, the latest movies, conventions and maybe that one night in Madrid with Frank Gorshin. Wait, that was Adam West, not us. Oh, well.

But, if you listen carefully, you might find a way to meet John Byrne and the 3rdDegree Byrne team at the same time. Its all here!!

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