“In brightest day. . .”

Nope, not it.

“In blackest day and Brightest night”

No, no. Not until later.

“In days of peace and nights of war. . .”

Nope, not there either.

“Whats mine is mine and mine and mine”

Hmmm, close.

“In loudest din, or hush profound”

Way, way not.

“In forest darkest, or glade beferned”

“Beferned”? Who says that?

“The blackest night falls from the skies”


“There is one weapon in the galaxy more powerful than all others. Nothing is more coveted or feared, loved or hated. To dare possess it makes you a fool or madman...or, just possibly, the right man!”

That is it!!

Star Brand 11. Probably the most talked about comic amongst industry professionals back in the day. This was water cooler fodder for everyone that knew about it. Shooter was gone, Byrne was taking over the book, and taking no prisoners. This is the stuff of Legends! Oh, yeah, check that out too.

Tim Elliott and Brian Hughes regroup from the Dark Phoenix saga and dust off John Byrnes first issue within that New Universe that wasnt all the rage back in the 80s.

The discussion is lively and filled with background info you may not have heard before (ok, in all honesty, you probably have heard or read it all before except for one tiny juicy tidbit about a threatened lawsuit, but thats it. We dont sling hash here.).

So sit back and pour yourself a flagon of your favorite mead, or at least pop open a six pack as 3rdDegree Byrne covers “The Star Brand” 11!

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