From the dawn of time he came; moving silently down through the centuries, living many secret lives, struggling to reach the time of the crisis; when the few who knew his name would battle to the last. No one has ever known he was among you... until now.

He is Jason Blood of the Clan with no name. He was born in 938 on the steps of the fallen castle of Camelot. And he is immortal.

He likes poetry too, like:

Change! Change! O form of man!Free the prince forever damned!Free the might from fleshy mire!Boil the blood in the heart for fire!Gone! Gone! O form of manAnd rise the demon Etrigan!!

Thats nice, anybody know the meter on that?

Happy Halloween everybody! As a special treat for the season of the spook, 3rd Degree Byrne covers the first issue of John Byrnes “Blood of the Demon”.

Its a fun show, where Tim Elliott and Brian Hughes talk some Spider-Man movie news and some “Crisis on Infinite Earths” within the CWs Berlanti-Verse shows! There is even some discussion on DCs “Titans” and “Swamp Thing”.

So sit back and relax, pour yourself a nice flagon of honey-mead and enjoy as 3rd Degree Byrne covers The Demon.

“There can be only one!”

But eventually, there will be three. Wait a minute. . .

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