Twas the night before Christmas and all through the. . . Wait. . . What day is this? Okay, its a few days before Christmas and all through the Skype, Podcasters were recording, shows of every type. The episodes were posted on the website with care, Hoping Chris Honeywell could get them on air. Tim Elliot was in his jammies, and Brian Hughes (in his own home) was in his cap. They had just settled down for that Vacation Nap David Thompson and John Hyatt were all snug in their own homes As visions of John Byrnes work were read in large tomes When all of sudden arose such a clatter Chris Honeywell messaged on Facebook to see what the hell was the matter. End of rhyme. Did you read that like the MCP? Did you just go back and do it? Well, Brian had one too many Mountain Dews and was nursing a kidney stone. “Why not post a Christmas show?” he thought. So he woke up Tim and checked with the interns, everyone was on board and ready to put in the work. Two stories will be covered on the 3rd Degree Byrne Christmas Special! First we cover “Silent Night” from Christmas with the Super Heroes #2. Then we cover Byrnes last issue of Uncanny X-Men before he broke up the Beatles with X-Men 143. So have a Merry X-Men Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah , a wonderful Satunalia and a Festivus for the rest of us!! 3rd degree Byrne is proud to present a 3rd Degree Byrne Christmas Special!!!

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