Dont you wish you had one of those 23rd Century Med Beds like in Star Trek? They could check all your signs just by you laying down, everything. Today, we have a lot of new ways of checking our health, but they still havent found that non invasive sensor for the prostate? Why is that? I mean, it always seem like my Doc is shooting for the uvula. Now Leonard McCoy, he is just to cool for that job. That is why he always has assistants. Weather it is Chapel, Duncan or Theela, he always has someone there to do the dirty work. This week, 3rd Degree Byrne wraps up their coverage of Star Trek: Leonard McCoy, Frontier Doctor by finishing up issues three and four. The whole crew is here: Tim Elliott, Brian Hughes, John Hijatt, David Thompson and Kirk Greenfield are all here to comment and even with the five of them, they just dont understand how that prime directive is supposed to work. Maybe you can educate them. We also talk about our Halloween coverage coming up and ask our listeners to provide some thoughts on what we should cover for the rest of the year on forward. So grab your Dramamine and put on your acid free boots because it will get deep when 3rd Degree Byrne completes coverage of Star Trek: Leonard McCoy, Frontier Doctor.

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