At the end of the universe, everything looks like Tempest!

You know, Tempest! That 80s arcade game? Oh, Cmon! Everybody knows that.

Well, maybe it is just more than the end of the universe; it is the end of the story that never got an end.

That is right, The Last Galactus Story, written and drawn by John Byrne never got to show the finish, the last chapters, the big climax. It left off with a one page shot of a very messed up Watcher.

Well,3rd Degree Byrne covers the last five known chapters of the Epic story (See what I did there?). We also dig deep in the lore of to see just where John Byrne was going to take this unfinished work of genius.

Wow. . . the stuff of Legends!

Join 3rd Degree Byrne, Tim Elliott, Brian Hughes, Kirk Greenfield and John Hijatt as they complete “The Last Galactus Story!"

There is more than one way to end the universe.

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We start at chapter five.

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