They’ve paid their dues
Time after time
they’ve done their sentence
But committed no crime
And bad mistakes
They’ve made a few
They’ve had their share of sand
Kicked in their face
But Hercules come through and kicked the ever loving snot out of them!

They are the Champions, my friends
And they’ll keep on fighting till the end (of the Series)
They are the Champions

They are a rag tag group of Marvel Heroes put together simply because they are all that’s left.  They are a team for the common man.

That’s right!  3rd Degree Byrne is doing a “goat scream round” coverage of Marvel’s “The Champions”.  John Byrne did the pencils for issues 11-15 and then the inks for the final issue #17.  And we are going to cover them all.

What’s a “Goat Scream Round”, you ask?  We are allotted 15 minutes of discussion per book.  That way, our show doesn’t go over three hours.  Once we hit that fifteen minute limit, you will hear a goat scream played out by one of our former interns so that we know it is time to move on to the next book.  Oh, it’s a scream!!

The whole 3rd Degree Byrne gang is there too, including John Hijatt, Kirk Greenfield, David Thompson, Tim Elliott and Brian Hughes.

So open up your favorite beverage and sit back as 3rd Degree Byrne covers “The Champions”!

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