X-try!! X-try!!! Hear all about it!!

Thats right. Another 3rdDegree Bulletin!

Tim Elliott and Brian Hughes get together again so that Tim can regale us with his tales of the Boston Fan Expo, where he got to meet, talk to and take pictures with none other than the man himself: John Byrne!

Tim gives a mini con report as a teaser to an upcoming episode of 3rdDegree Byrne.

But wait, theres more!

What else could there be?

How about: Airline tips with Tim!

Inside the life of Brian.


Brian and Tim spend the rest of the show going over the latest pages of John Byrnes X-Men: Elsewhen. If you dont know what that is, check out our last episode of the 3rdDegree Bulletin.

This is a fully packed show, here to thrill you and kill a little time. Because if you are going to kill anything in this world, time is the one thing you can kill without the guilt, except for maybe that spider about to walk on your hand there.

Ha! Made you look!

X-MEN: ELSEWHEN in Sequence:


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