At the center of the universe, at the border between the light and the dark stands Castle Greyskull. For countless eons the sorceress of Greyskull has kept this universe in harmony, but the armies of darkness shall not rest and the capture of greyskull is ever most in their minds. For those who control Greyskull comes the power, the power to be supreme, the power to be all mighty, the power to be.... masters of the universe.

On this episode of Bots, Bugs, And Babes, my brother Luke Jaconetti joins me as we look back to 1987, as we cover Masters of the Universe (1987). Join us on this journey to Eternia and then to Earth....and then back to Eternia, as we talk about the live action movie featuring one of the 1980's biggest cartoon heroes. We cover all the different aspects of the film, including why it came out so late in the 1980's when compared to when the cartoon and toys arrived. So grab your cosmic key, snack on a few ribs, and get ready for an adventure that will span the universe. But before we start, ask yourself, is the loneliness of good equal to the loneliness of evil?

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