Youll find no “Endgame” here, were just getting started! Scott and Thomas cover the last episode of season one that they have access to as The Avengers deal with The Frighteners. John Steed finally joins our soon to be absent Dr. Keel to take on a company of Thugs for Hire who are set to rough up, and maybe worse, a man who just wants to be with a woman, but daddy doesnt approve. Is this a simple case of a Romeo and Juliet or are there more sinister forces at work? Will Steed save the day, or will he make Dr. Keel do the dangerous deeds? Will Thomas and Scott use half the podcast to talk about Doom Patrol again, or will they read a listener email and have a contest for our outro tag? All these questions or none of them will be answered in this episode of With Umbrella, Charm and Bowler, (that other) Avengers podcast.

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