Its a tale of corporate boardroom intrigue and murder this month as Thomas and Scott recap “Bullseye”. Its Cathy Gale doing all the heavy lifting for Steed this time as she infiltrates a gun manufacturing company that seems to be having a major problem with their stockholders being the fatal victims of their product. Fear not, Cathy is there to solve the mystery and, presumably, to make Steed a healthy stock profit. Is it the Avengers version of Gordon Geckko who is trying to take over the company? Is it the mild mannered secretary? Is it the creepy board member who cant stop touching women inappropriately? Is it Cathy Gale? All will be revealed as The Avengers give us this great Honor Blackman centered episode. So keep your powder dry and SELL, SELL, SELL when the Bear Market turns into a Bullseye Market (sorry, not sorry) on this months With Umbrella, Charm and Bowler.

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