Scott and Pat take on the fourth episode of Legions final season and in true X-Men fashion we learn that mucking about with time can cause some serious problems. Except when it comes to pop culture references and we get a fair few in this one. Everything is wonky and Davids attempts with Switch to “save” his infant self has let loose the Time Demons, who look suspiciously like either The Goddess Kali or Blue Meanies, take your pick. Farouk and the Division Three folks are off exploring a French science fiction movie, Lenny is just trying to get her love child into the world and David gets to talk to his mom when she was in the camps. Syd gets drunk with her past self, maybe, Ptonomy has some temporal and some mustache issues and Cary Loudermilk breaks Davids spell, so you know, this means war. Four more episodes to go and we have no idea whats to come, or has that part of the podcasts time stream just been devoured? Your guess is as good as ours, but were looking forward to completing the journey with you on Weekly Heroics Legioncast.