In episode 29 of Man of Screen Extra, Mike Zummo-66 will present to you an epic-sized episode covering the first three episodes of the CW crossover, CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS. And there will be guests. Five guests from all across the podcasting multiverse as Mike will be joined by Brian Hughes-42, Beth Hughes-38, Bob Fisher-22 and Scott McGregor-69. They will cover the cameos, the fates of older heroes. Did the appearances of Tom Welling and Kevin Conroy live up to the anticipation and who is being groomed as the Worlds Finest team? How well does this epic crossover from 1985 translate to the small screen? You’re going to have to listen to find out. PODCASTER GENERAL WARNING: There will be SPOILERS for the most recent episodes of “Supergirl”, “Batwoman” and “The Flash” and a little bit about “Black Lightning”. Next time: It’s time for a Christmas episode and a Christmas movie. I promise, you’re not too old for that sh*t as Mike discusses “Lethal Weapon”.

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