In episode 108 of the Man of Screen podcast, Mike Zummo returns to continue his coverage of “The Challenge of the Superfriends.

First, the Superfriends will give chase after a sinking ship that happens to have the Wonder Twins on it and they will get sucked down a whirlpool to the center of the Earth. There will be dinosaurs, Wonder Woman in trouble, rock monsters an Batman hooking Aquaman up to the Batradar?

Wait, a minute, what?

All that and “The Battle at the Earths Core”.

And then, several Superfriends will be banished to a black hole, while the Legion of Doom blackmails governments for money. Riddler will be a focus on this episode as he sends the Superfriends on a chase as they play “The Worlds Deadliest Game”.

Then were going to get pirates from space. Theyre going to steal some treasure. What could possibly be on Earth that these guys want? And how do what appear to be ancient sailing ships operate in space?

But who is there leader. You know you want to meet “Sinbad and the Space Pirates”.

Then were going to have some time travel. Six Superfriends stuck in three different ancient time periods. How do they contact the future? How do they get home? Which one of Supermans forgotten superpowers will come into play here?

Make sure you dont fall into “The Time Trap”.

Next time: Mike will be back with the New Superfriends episodes, “The Pied Piper from Space” and “Attack of the Vampire” and the Challenge of the Superfriends episodes, “Trial of the Superfriends” and “Monolith of Evil”.

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